Anri Sala and Angela Bulloch at Esther Schipper’s New Space in Berlin

Angela Bulloch | ArtFuse | by Tina Sauerlaender


Angela Bulloch’s show Heavy Metal Body and Anri Sala’s first solo exhibition with the gallery Take Over also inaugurate the gallery’s new space at Potsdamer Strasse 81E in Berlin, Germany, and opened concurrently with Gallery Weekend Berlin 2017.

Three new sculptures by Angela Bulloch which expand the body of work that Angela Bulloch has been developing since 2014, will be presented in a space adjacent to the main exhibition area. Each of the sculptures offers a distinct rhythm created by the variations in shape, size and color of its elements. The surface of the vertically assembled rhomboid shapes, painted in a combination of light, bright or dark colors, creates an optical illusion of pushing and pulling planes. Conceived within a digital imaging program, each stacked rhombus appears distinct while at the same time relating to the others. From one side the irregular aspect dominates, while from another the impression of a certain totemic regularity prevails. By using contemporary technology to transpose Euclidian geometry into a three-dimensional sphere, the artist conjures up sculptures in a weightless space, allowing virtuality and reality to coexist. (Full Article)