Ana Prvacki at Contour 7



The Family Fig Tree (for the Utopians it's important to see their future spouse naked before marrying them)

video, sound, fig tree, 2′ 34″

Commissioned and produced by CONTOUR 7

Fig leaves have played a significant role in the history of art, covering male and female sexual organs to neutralise the erotic charge of images. Prvački's art explores ways of re-charging the erotic dimension in art, while addressing forms of social intercourse and protocol. In her piece for CONTOUR 7, she ironically plays with a social rule on the island of Utopia and subverts it, while paying respect to the artistic tradition of using fig leaves by placing a fig tree in front of her video. The work finds its point of synthesis in its audio component, which invites the listener into a subliminal trip back in time, covering one generation after another on a family tree and perhaps inviting us to contemplate a primordial scene in the Garden of Eden.