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"More than anything, perhaps, creatures of illusion as we are, it calls for confidence in oneself."

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own (1929)


1301PE is pleased to announce One Room, One Work, a rotating group exhibition featuring a single, important work by nine different artists.  One Room, One Work will be divided into three separate group exhibitions each two weeks in length.  This permits each artwork to have a room of its own, creating an exhibition that unfurls over time as well as space. The value of having a room to one's self is championed by Virginia Woolf in her canonical essay, A Room of One's Own.   In this text Woolf attests to a room's ability to provide personal and poetic liberty.  Only when one has the time, space, and means to be alone, to build confidence in oneself, can one partake in larger discussions.  This notion is the foundation of One Room, One Work.  The exhibition allows each work to have both a singular voice and, as the viewer moves from room to room, conversations with other significant artworks. 


Over the past number of years, many notable works by 1301PE artists have been exhibited internationally.  One Room, One Work combines several of these critically important works along with new works that will be presented in Los Angeles for the first time.  By pairing noteworthy work with new work and challenging the conventional group exhibition structure, One Room, One Work aims to slow down the visitor's viewing experience.  Through a series of slowed down, singular experiences, the exhibition intends to question the way we look at and think about art. 


The schedule for One Room, One Work is as follows:


July 10 - July 24

Fiona Banner - Spell 2, 2002

Laurence Aberhart - Morepark (Bird Skins Room #2), 1995

Diana Thater - Dark Matter, 2004

July 27 - August 7

SUPERFLEX - Copy Right, 2007

Pae White - Dying Oak, 2009

Jorge Mendez Blake - The Art of Loving, 2009

August 10 - August 21

Kerry Tribe - Near Miss, 2005

Rirkrit Tiravanija - Untitled (BBQ Corner), 2010

Philippe Parreno - AC/DC Snakes, 2010

Later Event: September 18