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Into the Lapse video show in five parts

Program 1 July 23-29. David Kelleran Sandbox, Chris Wilder Broken Line, Mike Smith Behind the Scenes at the Puppet Theater, Brad Dunning/Bongwater Psychedelic Sewing Room, Jim Shaw The Andersons, Bruce & Norman Yonemoto Kappa, Tony Oursler/Joe Gibbons from the series On Our Own, Pruitt & Early from Music Video Vol. I, Meg Cranston Everything is Beautiful, Sean Landers Improbable History

Program 2 7July 30-August 5. Brad Dunning/Bongwater The Drum, Marcel Odenbach Estar de Pie es ni Caerse, Rocky Schank/Devo Post Post Modern Man, Moyra Davey Notes From Hell, Pruitt & Earl from Music Video Vol. I, John di Stefano (Tell Me Why) The Epikstemology of Disco, Mica TV Cascade - Vertical Landscapes, Jason Simon Production Notes: Fast Food For Thoughts, Bryce & Norman Yonemoto Ahistory, Sylvie Fleury Estee Lauder Make-up Demonstration Tape

Program 3 August 6-12. Pae White About 2 1/2 Minutes, General Idea Shut the Fuck Up, Pruitt & Early from Music Video Vol. I, Jean Rasenberger Hot Pants from the Little Arthur Tapes, Paul McCarthy Family Tyranny, Rocky Schank/Cramps Bikini Girls with Machine Guns, Richard Metzger/Bongwater The Power of Pussy, Patti Podesta A Short Conversation From the Grave with Jian BurroughsFriesenwall 120

Program 4 August 13-19. installation by Diana Thater with contributions by Steve Hanson

Program 5 August 20-26. David Askevold 1/4 Moon, Kelly Mason Claude Monet's Salon, Georg Herold Pancake by Two Hours