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1301PE is pleased to announce a one-person exhibition by Los Angeles artist Diana Thater. Shown in four parts (8-22 September; 25 September - 6 October; 9-20 October; 23 October - 3 November) the exhibition will present new video monitor and video projection installations, along with a group of preparatory drawings.


Diana Thater has received international acclaim for her large-scale, color-saturated projections and monitor installations. Her profound influence on the form of installation can be seen in the work of young artists in galleries and museums around the world. In this four-part exhibition, the subject of "denaturalized" nature --images of birds, forests and flowers-- are portrayed on monitors and projected on walls within the space. Nature's scale is displayed in opposition to the architectural scale of the gallery - small flowers are projected as monumental images, birds and trees are seen on small screens, cloud filled skies rush by on a monitor, the vast world outside is captured in a room. Characteristic of all her projects, she takes every aspect of context and "place" into consideration and exposes all technology and hardware to the visitor. Inside her intensely colored rooms Thater's concern with the presence - the here and now of the art work - is made manifest.

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