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1301PE is very pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Blake Rayne and Scott Lyall. For the show, Rayne&Lyall has produced Rationalisme Applique, an installation of posters and light performances.

"Surveying the art production of the 21st Century, what was clear was that the millennium has promoted a field of radical horizontalization and collaboro-collective experimentation. And why not? Networks are everywhere. Therefore, after accepting the invitation from 1301PE, and acknowledging the gallery's long-term commitment to multiples, we came to the realization, 'We too could collaborate!' Thinking the possibilities of this expansive situation, the team determined its rationale, and undertook to apply it." 

What better mode of collaborative demonstration than the poster. All of the works collected for Rationalisme Appliqu� exhibit postings. The central collection of print works (Dirty Hands, all, 2010) are composed as a sequence of three distinctive printed layers: an ink-jet dispersion, monochrome silk-screened colors, and finally the application of a lithographic impression. Each ink-jet is the output of a jpeg depicting palm prints as a gestural play of shadows.1 The silk screens applied on top of them express fidelity to bright colors; and each lithograph is the mise-en-sc�ne of a busy potter's studio. Layered, they trace regressions along a path of de- abstraction. Paper mediates between the pixel and the techniques of hardened cash. 

Imagined, though, is a return to the material relation: to the print shop, the street poster, the port-a-pack, and the potter's wheel. � chacun son caf�.2 To each a show of Dirty Hands3. 

Can we speak of collaboration as the projection of this assembly? The palm grove as a show of hands? A democracy for the China? The Gallery marks each posting as an individual element, but each occurs in a cast of doubles, appropriations, and 'the multiple'. But, Yes: Rayne&Lyall note a compact of diversity in these perspectives. A liquid practice is on rotation. Representations affirm their signs. 

'1 Tabac + 1 caf� = libert�" (organizing slogan of Parisian strikes, 2007) 
Jean Paul Sartre's Dirty Hands imagined revenge on all collaborators.