Fiona Connor '#8, Closed for Installation, Sequence of Events' at Secession


27 June - 1 September 2019

Fiona Connor,  What you bring with you to work , 2010, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art

Fiona Connor, What you bring with you to work, 2010, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art

The New Zealand-born artist Fiona Connor creates sculptural installations where she replicates the props and structures of everyday life. Her recreations of noticeboards, drinking fountains, outdoor furniture, and doors not only draw attention to these widely overlooked items and their forms, they also reconstruct the histories and microeconomies of communities. Many of her works respond to the infrastructure of the places and environments where she exhibits them, to disclose the underlying architectural mechanisms that inform our interactions with art.

For Closed Down Clubs (2018), Connor assembled freestanding doors of nightclubs and small collective establishments as they were when the venues closed down. In addition to a wide range of surfaces and materials, Connor’s meticulous reconstructions include ephemera such as club flyers, stickers, and eviction notices from municipal authorities and landlords. Most moving are the statements posted by the clubs themselves to notify the communities they served of their demise. The sculptures reveal the artist’s deep curiosity about how things are made and how they are marked by use. Having absorbed all this information, they now stand as literal doors to lost spaces.

Fiona Connor was born in Auckland in 1981 and lives and works in Los Angeles.

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