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Diana Thater - Between Science and Magic

Between Science and Magic beautifully weaves together Diana Thater's new film work, the evolution of the classic illusion to "pull a rabbit out of a hat" and cinematic history from George Melies to Hollis Frampton.

Elsa Longhauser's forward sets the stage for Diana Thater and Pernilla Holmes' enlightened discussion in 'These Tricks Are Not Easy'. Thater and Holmes' expansive conversation on the elusion of making art, cinema and magic creates a rich understanding of the artists practice.

Helen Varola's essay 'Rabbit As If In a Hat' examines the origin of "pulling a rabbit out of a hat" and it cultural meaning today.

The color illustrations through out chronicle Diana Thater's making of Between Science and Magic from the original shot with magician Greg Wilson and Josephine to the stunning French rococo movie palace of Los Angeles Theatre and finally the presentation of Between Science and Magic at the Santa Monica Museum of Art and David Zwirner.

Hardcover with reversible dust jacket

56 pages 12 color illustrations