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Judy Ledgerwood - Hatje Cantz Monograph


The works of American artist Judy Ledgerwood (*1959) are easily recognizable: with powerful, confident gestures, she fills her gigantic canvases with rows of large elements, such as circles and loops, which at first recall such male-dominated styles as Abstract Realism or Pop Art. On the other hand, Ledgerwood's formal vocabulary is full of strong references to ornamental and crafts traditions, usually considered the realm of female artists. Hence, her large paintings are done in feminine pastel tones or splendidly decorative color combinations of exotic robes, such as gold and turquoise. In addition, the artist paints wet-upon-wet, apparently allowing the colors to randomly flow together. These subversive breaches have a highly sensory, palpable effect" they are masterful paintings whose spectacular influence is inescapable.


Edited by Christa Hausler, Wolfgang Hausler, conversation with the artist by Susanne Ghez, texts by Philip Vanderhyden, Roland Waspe

German, English

2009. 160 p. 102 color ills.

25 x 30.5 cm


ISBN 978-3-7757-2421-0