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Diana Thater - gorillagorillagorilla

The catalogue gorillagorillagorilla was published in conjunction with Diana Thater's exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz and includes an introductory text by Peter Pakesch and essays by Adam Budak, Bergit Arends, Frans B. M. de Waal, Laurence A. Rickels, Giorgio Agamben and Jason Smith. The catalogue's image part comprises both installation shots from the Kunsthaus Graz and a photographic essay by Diana Thater with an index "These Are Their Names" and a visual material taken during the filming of gorillagorillagorilla in Cameroon.


Premiered in the Kunsthaus Graz and realized in collaboration with the Museum of Natural History in London to celebrate the bicentenary of Darwin's birth, the work gorillagorillagorilla by Californian artist Diana Thater is a study of human and animal behavior and the artist's further investigation of the medium of video as an image production tool, capable of creating impressive spatial and visual environments.


"I create sculptures with images of nature in space" Diana Thater confesses while describing her monumental video installations that analyze complexities of the natural world and their relationship with the human being. The title of her exhibition gorillagorillagorilla refers to the trinomial name for Western Lowland Gorillas (genus: species: subspecies) that the artist filmed last year at the primate rescue centre in Mefou National Park, Cameroon. gorillagorillagorilla is an impressive conceptual and ambient visual arrangement which consists of 10 video projectors, two video walls, 12 DVD players, light color filters and existing architecture. Images of nature, projected on various irregular surfaces of Kunsthaus Graz Space01, and complemented by mainly forest green and golden yellow lights, creating an uncanny swirling shape that attempts to reconstruct the wilderness of Cameroon's rainforests and the movements of animals. Spread between the walls, the ceiling and the floor, and filling up the air in-between with its dense volume, the image composition is complex and autonomous: it does not follow the interior's contours, it is not round, but instead, it curves in sequences into the room, then curves back and up the walls, then jumps again over the ceiling.


Diana Thater considers her artistic method and the primary medium of installation as a relational act which polyphonically choreographs various elements thus leading towards producing multidimensional qualities of space and time: "If installation is an art of real space and time that puts sculpture and architecture in dialogue with one another, then I'm interested in making the space between them visible through the intervention of moving images and the time they exist in volumetric through color." Staged in the biomorphic space of Kunsthaus Graz, gorillagorillagorilla is a particular "orchestra of space", conducted with a unique "grace" by the artist whose most crucial concerns include the mechanism of perception and the ways people look and see. For Thater, "Art changes the world by changing the way you see." Her entire oeuvre is an uncompromising effort to transform perception by experimenting with the notions of space and time.


Paperback: 168 pages

Publisher: Walther Konig; Bilingual edition (August 31, 2009)

Language: English

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ISBN-13: 978-3865605900

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